Revolution Student ministries

"Bringing a REVOLUTION  to the hearts of this generation
so they will bring a
REVOLUTION  to their world!"

7:00 - 8:30 pm 
at Harvest

about us: 
Junior High and High School can be an extremely exciting yet incredibly challenging time in a student's life! Revolution Student Ministries exist to empower students. We are passionate in helping students answer the tough questions about their identity and faith. Revolution disciples them in the scriptures, affirms and trains them in their calling and passions, and provides practical opportunities for them to live out their faith. We are tired of seeing this young generation being claimed by the world, so we are here to bring a Revolution to win students back and raise them up to be a generation of world changers!

Our mission:
Our Mission is to equip and empower students to share the gospel, disciple other believers, lead Bible studies, and most importantly, be able to answer for their faith in Christ.  It is our duty to help fan into flame, a faith that serves, leads, teaches, and grows continuously in each student's life.
We want to see our students walk through Jr High & High School and into the world with healthy Bible reading habits, Bible study skills, and a strong example of discipleship and prayer. While the students will have a lot of fun, we wish to equip, not merely entertain. And that is the ignition of a Revolution!